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Essony E-Trade Platform

Essony Electronic Trading Document Exchange Software

Centralize, simplify and save labor costs by eliminating manual ordering

E-Trade For Businesses Of All Sizes

Now you can deploy centralized and easily expandable e-trade services for business interactions with your partners. Essony’s E-trade services help you improve customer interaction, speed up deliveries and reduce supply chain costs.

We will go an extra mile to understand your business and circumstances to meet your specific needs - contact us to have an offer for an E-trade integration solution which is tailored for your organization.


Digitize your orders, delivery information, warehouse management, as well as consumption and delivery forecasts. Our customers are global companies from different industries, such as industrial manufacturing and services, logistics and trade.
Integrate services for your business information: The services are developed in a way that allows the same practices and infrastructure to be used in all business information exchange services, such as e-invoicing and financial messaging. Using the same logic of digitalization means that services can be integrated better and more easily.
Essony e-trade service overview block diagram

Key Features

  1. Integrate automatic processes with your back-end systems quickly and effectively
  2. Easy integration: Services are easy to integrate to any invoice processing, billing or ERP system. Conversions of sent and received invoices to any required format allow a quick and cost efficient migration.
  3. Support for over 20 different (EDI) electronic document formats.


By integrating E-Invoicing into your processes, you’ll be able to:
  1. End-to-end solution for managing trade dollars
  2. Get paid faster
  3. Lower processing costs
  4. Reduce costs